Bakkely is only a 3-minute walk from Hordatun. The old half-timbered community house is today an inviting party and assembly hall.

Bakkely is the old gathering house, the Red Cross house, the community house and the last workshop in the village Håra, which in 2013 was bought by the hosts at Hordatun. After the demolition of walls and ceilings to bring out the good old, the house now appears as a venerable and flexible room with history and soul. The view to Røldalsvannet is stunning and the possibilities are many.

  • The house contains 3 toilets, kitchen, bar, fireplace, stage and a wonderful gallery.
  • The room can be used with round tables for a small party, or for dinner for up to 80 people if the stage and gallery are used.
  • Concerts for up to 100 people.
  • Meeting room, courses, mini fairs etc.

We have already had concerts, Christmas dinners, anniversary parties, confirmations, baptisms, memorial services, courses, meetings, mini-masses and yoga classes here. We are happy that Håra Grendalag again uses the premises for bingo evenings and meetings, among other things.

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