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Where ?

The Hordatun Hotel and Apartments are located midway between Røldal ski center and Røldal village center. Approximately 3,5 - 4 km distance both ways.

When arriving from Western Norway on E134 you exit the Røldal tunnel and passes the ski center on your left, driving down the curves and then through the Hordatunnel (which goes around 360 degrees). 200m after the tunnel you will find Hordatun on your left side of the road.

Coming from Eastern Norway on E134 you pass the Røldal village center and continue approximately 4 km. You find Hordatun on the right side of the road.

Our GPS coordinates are:

Lon 6° 46' 15"
Lat: 59° 48' 44"

Map and driving instructions (in Norwegian)



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